Welcome to your new favorite podcast!

Hi there! My name is Erik X. Raj and I’m the host of SLP Trivia Fun. This is the ONLY game show podcast on the planet where each and every contestant is a speech-language pathologist. Listen in on entertaining conversations with some of the most interesting clinicians while they play a fun round of SLP inspired trivia. Knowledge will be gained and laughter will be had, so if you’re an SLP that loves to play trivia and loves to have fun, SLP Trivia Fun is the podcast for you!

Finally, it’s here!

The first season of SLP Trivia Fun consisted of 9 amazing episodes. Give ‘em a listen and let me know what you think.


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The first season of SLP Trivia Fun is sponsored by LessonPix and PeachieSpeechie. Thank you to both of these terrific companies for their financial support and friendship.