Episode 7: Jeff Stepen from Chicago, Illinois

Episode 7:  Jeff Stepen from Chicago, Illinois

The hot summer heat is upon us here in New Jersey, and what better way to beat the heat then with another cool episode of SLP Trivia Fun? Jeff Stepen from Chicago, Illinois is this month’s lucky contestant. He’s a pediatric speech-language pathologist with 20 wonderful years of experience in the field. Working with kiddos often means integrating board games into therapy, whenever appropriate, so that’s why we created board game-related questions just for Jeff. In addition to the terrific clinical work that he does, Jeff is also the host of the wildly popular podcast called Conversations in Speech.

Board games are competitive and so is this trivia show! How does Jeff stack up? Does he know about the origins of some of the most poplar games like Twister, Operation, etc.? You will know all of the answers to these questions, and so many more, after you listen to episode number 7! So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!


The first season of SLP Trivia Fun is sponsored by LessonPix and PeachieSpeechie. Thank you to both of these terrific companies for their financial support and friendship.


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