Episode 5: John Gomez from Los Angeles, California

Episode 5: John Gomez from Los Angeles, California

The 5th episode of the first ever season of SLP Trivia fun is here! John Gomez, from Los Angeles, California, joins us on this latest installment to talk about all things SLP movie related. In addition to chatting about fun (and random) movie subjects like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Star Wars, he tells us about the work he does as a documentary filmmaker. Yup, you read right – not only is John a spectacular SLP, he’s also the spectacular filmmaker behind the award winning documentary called When I Stutter.

Does John answer all of the SLP Trivia Fun questions correctly? Does John join Erik in an impromptu singing of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World?” All of these question, and more, will be answered once you give episode 5 a listen!


The first season of SLP Trivia Fun is sponsored by LessonPix and PeachieSpeechie. Thank you to both of these terrific companies for their financial support and friendship.


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